I received a classical formation and since I was a child I combined the study of piano and violin with my school studies. I always played music by other composers. So I spent a lot of afternoons interpreting classical and contemporary works. Never thought to create my own. Even though I had a period of improvising and playing around different music styles I didn’t write anything down.

In the summer of 2017 I started to create my own music for the first time. This led me to work on giving hape, little by little, eleven piano works that after one year would form part of my first album. This way, ‘Reflections’ came to life in may 2018 as my first album and as my first attempt to express myself through the music I compose.

During that whole process, I noticed how a lot of composers from my classical background were having some sort of influence on me in my own creative process. Composers like Debussy, Chopin, Albéniz or Granados to name a few, but also the input from soundtracks that have marked me during my life like the ones composed by Ennio Morricone, Maurice Jarre or Dario Marianelli.

‘Let Me Tell You’ is the first track on my album ‘Reflections’ but in the end it was the last work I did. With that said, for me is quite special because when that specific track was finished, I could really feel that the whole project was complete. The title was perfect for my intentions: to present myself, my music, my story.

Choosing ‘Reflections’ as the name of the album defines my way I see the life in general. As my belief is that at the end everything is somehow connected and resonates or reflects into everything. At this point, you might realize the importance I give to the titles. With them I try to summarize the feelings that inspired me to create my works, that are not necessary mine but another person’s. As everything is connected, I can make the exercise to put myself in someone else’s shoes. So this empathy drives me to create. This way every piece responds to an specific feeling that everybody sometime might have felt.